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by Guerman

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released September 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Guerman Marseille, France

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Track Name: Talking Faces
I know I should care but all I see are talking faces.
I can't hear a word they say.
I know I should trust you when you make all those promises,
and tell me that we'll go away.
Track Name: Short Breath
We believe that we can kill pain with pain.
We believe that we can fight fire with fire.
We believe that there are monsters in our heads,
that we are monsters.
Track Name: Sunglows & Heartbeats
You can’t sleep and you’re looking up,
at the ceilling, at a crack that gets bigger,
bigger and bigger every morning.

You fall into the crack at the ceilling.
You think that it’s never ending.
Are you awake or are you still dreaming?

It feels like
you can’t move but
your eyes are wide open.
You just don’t want to face the world again.
You dive into your brain, into your memories.
They enshrine,
they keep coming:
The good ones, the bad ones, they‘re all boring.

How did you get so old so fast?
How could you lose all this time?
When you were younger, it was easier,
you fell in love once or twice, you had hopes,
you wanted great things
for yourself.

You never thought about your own death.
Now, it’s all you can think about.
You know your time is running out !
But now day breaks, and there are sunglows on your face,
and there are heartbeats in your chest !

And for the first time, you’re feeling
the sharp pleasure of being.

There’re sunglows and heartbeats!
There’ll be sunglows and heartbeats!
There were sunglows and heartbeats!
In the end, it’s all you need, to feel great, to feel Lucky
to be awake when everyone’s sleeping,
with sunglows on your face,
heartbeats in your chest.